We manufacture our beer in our facilities in Plasencia. This is a complete craft beer process. We take care of our raw materials and the whole process, such as crushing the malt and the fermentation in the bottle. We are constantly testing and researching in order to improve our quality and to develop new recipes.

Since we produce in small batches, we have the chance of creating special seasonal or custom beer, made to order.

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01 Brewing in our facilities, macerating the barley, baking, fermentation, and all processes required until reaching bottling.

02 BBeer bottling, while ensuring, the preservation of flavour presentation and the organoleptic properties, of both our Blomberg and your customised product.

03 Final maturity of our elixir which means to let our creation rest and carbonate, until it becomes something unique: the beer of Charles V.

Blomberg Philosophy

For it to be a good beer, it must be elaborated with wheat, barley, oat, and hops, which in the Flemish region is said to be the herb for the beer, as well as good water. These grains must be good and not corrupted. It must be thoroughly boiled and purified. It must have been made for days, unblemished of faeces and not oily. The result of these conditions is an excellent beer, good for the health of court nobles who must drink it at the beginning of a meal or supper.
Lobera de Ávila, Carlos V's physician.